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Fulbright Program

During the Spring/Summer of 2002 Professor Nagurney held the Distinguished Chaired Fulbright/University of Innsbruck Professorship at the Institute of Economic Theory at the Business School, SOWI, at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Professor Nagurney's Fulbright Lectures, Student Projects, a Student's Thesis, Photos, and Fulbright Scholar Story are available below.

Network Economics
Sustainable Transportation
Sample Student Projects
Student Thesis
Fulbright Scholar Story

Course: Network Economics


Lecture: Introduction to Network Economics

Lecture: Variational Inequalities

Lecture: Variational Inequalities: Algorithms

Lecture: Traffic Network Equilibrium

Lecture: Spatial Price Equilibrium

Lecture: Oligopolies and Nash Equilibrium

Lecture: Environmental Networks

Lecture: Knowledge Networks

Lecture: Migration Price Equilibrium

Lecture: Walrasian Price Equilibrium

Lecture: Financial Equilibrium

Advanced Topics:

Lecture: Multicriteria Network Equilibrium Modeling for Decision-
Making in the Information Age with Applications to Teleshopping and

Lecture: A Space-Time Network for Telecommuting versus Commuting

Lecture: Supply Chain Networks and Electronic Commerce

Course: Sustainable Transportation


Lecture: Sustainable Transportation Networks: An Introduction

Lecture: Sustainable Transportation Networks: Foundations: Part 1

Lecture: Sustainable Transportation Networks: Foundations: Part 2

Lecture: Emission Paradoxes in Transportation Networks

Lecture: Viable and Sustainable Transportation Networks

Lecture: Emission Pricing for Sustainability - User-Optimized Perspective

Lecture: Permits for User-Optimized, Fixed Demand Networks

Lecture: Sustainable System-Optimized Networks

Lecture: Tradable Permits for System Optimized Networks

Lecture: Spatial Price Networks and Emission Policies

Lecture: Technology and Network Design Issues

Sample Student Projects and Presentations:
A Network Economic Approach to Cross-alpine Transit Traffic
Thomas Scheiber
Connection Between the Two Skiing Areas Schwaz and Hochfugen
Elisabeth Fuchs and Stefan Kandler
Natural Gas Station Networks
Tina Wakolbinger and Gunther Huber
Tax Savings Network Equilibrium
Celile Ekenel and Daniel Kogler
Student Thesis:
Competence Networks in the Food Industry in Austria: Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies for Cooperation
Tina Wakolbinger
University of Innsbruck, August 2002
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