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Dr. Anna Nagurney

Dr. Anna Nagurney - Center Director

Expertise: supernetworks, complex decision-making, network equilibria, variational inequalities, projected dynamical systems, game theory, multicriteria decision-making, risk management, transportation, supply chain, financial, and electric power networks, centralized versus decentralized decision-making, games on networks, including the Internet, environmental decision-making and policies with particular interests in sustainable transportation and supply chains, social networks and knowledge networks, pricing of services, network metrics,  network vulnerability and security
, humanitarian operations


Doctoral Student Center Associate

Dana Hassani
Dana Hassani - Doctoral Student Center Associate

Interests: supply chain networks, financial networks, risk management, exchange rate risk, network modeling, and mathematical programming
Dana Hassani
Ismael M. Pour - Doctoral Student Center Associate

Interests: supply chain networks, Financial networks, mathematical programming, network modeling, multimodal transportation
Dana Hassani
Samirasadat Samadi - Doctoral Student Center Associate

Interests: supply chain management, healthcare optimization, humanitarian logistics, mathematical modeling


Center Associates

Deniz Besik
Dr. Deniz Besik - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise:  supply chain networks, food supply chains, electric power networks, network optimization, mathematical programming, industrial organization

Gabriella Colajanni
Dr. Gabriella Colajanni - Center Associate

Expertise:  supply chain networks, variational inequalities, traffic and equilibrium problems, portfolio selection problems, cloud computing models, business management, cybersecurity, UAVs, 5G networks

Dr. Cruz
Dr. Jose M. Cruz - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise:  global supply chains, international financial networks with intermediation, risk management on networks, corporate social responsibility, disequilibrium dynamics, strategic decision-making on networks

Dr. Daniele
Dr. Patrizia Daniele - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise: evolutionary (time-dependent) variational inequalities, dynamic transportation, spatial price and financial networks, optimization theory

Dr. Dong
Dr. June Dong - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise: supernetworks, variational inequalities, multicriteria decision-making, multitiered supply chains and financial networks,  transportation versus telecommunication trade-offs with applications to electronic commerce, applications of supernetworks in China

Pritha Dutta
Dr. Pritha Dutta - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise:  sustainability and quality issues in supply chains, applications of OR in healthcare and public policy, and blood supply chain network economics.

Dr. Ke
Dr. Ke Ke - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise: econometrics, financial networks with intermediation, electronic finance, game theory, risk management, variational inequalities

Dr. Li
Dr. Dong (Michelle) Li - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise: supply chain networks, transportation and logistics networks, supply chain management, quality management, hazmat transportation

Dr. Liu
Dr. Zugang (Leo) Liu - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise:  complex network systems and supernetworks, theoretical foundations of dynamic networks, projected dynamical systems, risk management, applications to dynamic transportation, electric power, supply chain, and financial networks

Dr. Amir Masoumi - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise: supply chain networks, applications of decision and risk analysis, distributed decision making, healthcare applications, blood supply chains. and network optimization.

Dmytro Matsypura Dr. Dmytro Matsypura - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise: mathematical modeling and combinatorial optimization methods with applications to risk management problems in the investment industry and complex decision-making on global supply chain network systems
Dr. Ladimer Nagurney
Dr. Ladimer Nagurney - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise: electrical and computer engineering, wireless and mobile communications, signal processing, data acquisition, software defined radio, supply chains and complex networks, engineering education

Qiang Patrick Qiang
Dr. Qiang (Patrick) Qiang - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise:  network efficiency, network performance measurement, identification of critical nodes and links, network disruptions, network reliability with applications to supply chains, and sustainability

Dr. Ramanujam
Dr. Padma Ramanujam - Center Associate

Expertise: software development, environmental logistics, business applications of supply chain management
Sara Saberi
Dr. Sara Saberi - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise: supply chain networks, network optimization, multi-criteria decision-making, modeling of Future Internet Architectures, transportation and logistics networks, and sustainable freight
Shivani Shukla
Dr. Shivani Shukla - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise: supply chain networks, freight services, cybersecurity, data analytics
Mojtaba Salarpour
Dr. Mojtaba Salarpour - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise: disaster management, emergency response, network modeling, network resiliency, supply chains, evacuation, and transportation sustainability
Dr. Siokos
Dr. Stavros Siokos - Center Associate

Expertise: financial engineering, advanced algorithmics for financial applications, portfolio management and trading strategies, risk management
Dr. Tina Wakolbinger - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise: social and knowledge networks, dynamic supernetworks,  the integration of social networks with supply chain and financial networks, management of knowledge intensive dynamical systems, humanitarian operations
Trisha Woolley
Dr. Trisha Woolley Anderson - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise:  environmental impacts of electric power supply chains, alternative energy, environmental economics, sustainable supply chains and transportation networks, tradable pollution permits, carbon taxation schemes, mathematical modeling of complex decision-making with an environmental focus

Min Yu
Dr. Min Yu - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise: transportation networks, supply chain networks, network optimization, applications to time-sensitive products
Dr. Zhang
Dr. Ding Zhang - Faculty Center Associate

Expertise: projected dynamical systems, dynamic transportation networks and supply chains, stability of network systems, supply chain versus supply chain competition, applications of supernetworks in China

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Former Center Associates
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Gregory Bergmann '04 FOMgt David Soffer '03 FOMgt
Stephen Davis '04 FOMgt Toni Cocchi '02 FOMgt
Christopher Bardi '03 FOMgt Tamara Nazzal '02 FOMgt
Tamara Baytch '03 FOMgt Brent Siniawski '02 FOMgt
Christine Calvaneso '03 FOMgt Chris Sullivan'02 FOMgt
Eric Pizzi '03 FOMgt Aaron Suprenant '02 FOMgt
Tim Roberts '03 FOMgt Jeff Spiro (Summer Associate 2003)
Maxfield Raynolds '05 FOMgt Dr. Fuminori Toyasaki  UMass- Ph.D. '05
Nathan Kollett Dr. Lan Zhao
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