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Dr. Zugang (Leo) Liu

Dr. Liu is a Professor of Business Administration at the Pennsylvania State University Hazleton Campus. He received his Ph.D. in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Science and a minor in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in May 2008.

He received a BS in Civil Engineering from Tsinghua University, China, and an MS in Transportation Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

His research interests include: supply chain networks, transportation networks, telecommunication networks, electric power networks as well as financial networks. In particular, he studies the dynamics of such networks and their interrelationships, along with risk management.

In 2005-2006 Leo was President of the UMass Amherst INFORMS Student Chapter. Previously, he was the webmaster for the chapter and assumed this task again in late Spring 2007. In 2007 and in 2008, Leo received an Outstanding Service Award from the UMass Amherst INFORMS Student Chapter.

In 2008, Dr. Liu was elected to Beta Gamma Sigma, the Business Honor Society.

He was recognized for his research with an award from Penn State Hazleton.
Selected Publications:

Strategic decision for capacity portfolio in supply chain network considering emission permit price and demand uncertainty
Sara Saberi, Zugang Liu, and Deniz Besik, Journal of Cleaner Production 374: (2022) 133797

Supply Chain Networks with Global Outsourcing and Quick-Response Production Under Demand and Cost Uncertainty
Zugang Liu and Anna Nagurney, Annals of Operations Research 208(1): (2013) pp 251-289.

Multiperiod Competitive Supply Chain Networks with Inventorying and A Transportation Network Equilibrium Reformulation
Zugang Liu and Anna Nagurney, Optimization and Engineering 13(2): (2012) pp 471-503.

Risk Reduction and Cost Synergy in Mergers and Acquisitions via Supply Chain Network Integration
Zugang Liu and Anna Nagurney, Journal of Financial Decision Making 7(2): (2011) pp 1-18.

Supply Chain Outsourcing Under Exchange Rate Risk and Competition
Zugang Liu and Anna Nagurney, Omega 39: (2011) pp 539-549.

An Integrated Electric Power Supply Chain and Fuel Market Network Framework: Theoretical Modeling with Empirical Analysis for New England
Zugang Liu and Anna Nagurney, Naval Research Logistics 56: (2009) pp 600-624.

Financial Networks with Intermediation and Transportation Network Equilibria: A Supernetwork Equivalence and Reinterpretation of the Equilibrium Conditions with Computations
Zugang Liu and Anna Nagurney, Computational Management Science 4: (2007) pp 243-281.

Sustainable Supply Chain Networks and Transportation
Anna Nagurney, Zugang Liu, and Trisha Woolley, The International Journal of Sustainable Transportation
1: (2007) pp 29-51.

Modeling Generator Power Plant Portfolios and Pollution Taxes in Electric Power Supply Chain Networks: A Transportation Network Equilibrium Transformation
Kai Wu, Anna Nagurney, Zugang Liu, and John Stranlund, Transportation Research D 11: (2006) pp 171-190.

Optimal Endogenous Carbon Taxes for Electric Power Supply Chains with Power Plants
Anna Nagurney, Zugang Liu, and Trisha Woolley, Mathematical and Computer Modelling 44: (2006) pp 899-916.

Dynamic Electric Power Supply Chains and Transportation Networks: An Evolutionary Variational Inequality Formulation
Anna Nagurney, Zugang Liu, Monica-Gabriela Cojocaru, and Patrizia Daniele, Transportation Research E 43: (2007) pp 624-646.

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