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Gabriella Colajanni Dr. Gabriella Colajanni


Dr. Gabriella Colajanni is currently a Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Catania, Italy. She received her Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2019 and her master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Catania. Her current field placement is Operations Research.

Her research focuses on linear and nonlinear constrained optimization models based on networks and on optimization of UAV networks using 5G technologies.

She is interested in supply chain networks, variational inequalities, traffic and equilibrium problems, portfolio selection problems, cloud computing models, business management, cybersecurity, UAVs, and 5G networks.

Selected Publications:

A three-stage stochastic optimization model integrating 5G technology and UAVs for disaster management
Gabriella Colajanni, Patrizia Daniele, Anna Nagurney, Ladimer S. Nagurney, and Daniele Sciacca, Journal of Global Optimization, (2023) (Open Access)

Reagents and swab tests during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An optimized supply chain management with UAVs
G. Colajanni, P. Daniele, & D. Sciacca, Operations Research Perspectives, 9, 100257 (2022).

Service-Chain Placement Optimization in 5G FANET-Based Network Edge
G. Colajanni, P. Daniele, L. Galluccio, C. Grasso, and G. Schembra, IEEE Communications Magazine (2022).

Optimizing FANET Lifetime for 5G Softwarized Network Provisioning
G.M. Cappello, G. Colajanni, P. Daniele, L. Galluccio, C. Grasso, G. Schembra, and L. Scrimali, IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (2022).

On the Provision of Services With UAVs in Disaster Scenarios: A Two-Stage Stochastic Approach
G. Colajanni, P. Daniele, D. Sciacca, Operations Research Forum, 3(1), 18 (2022).

An Operations Research–Based Teaching Unit for Grade 10: The ROAR Experience, Part I.
G. Colajanni, A. Gobbi, M. Picchi, A. Raffaele, and E. Taranto, INFORMS Transactions on Education (2022).

An Optimization Model for Service Requests Management in a 5G Network Architecture
G. Colajanni and D. Sciacca, AIRO Springer Series, 2021, 6, pp. 81–98 (2021).

An Optimization Model for Managing Reagents and Swab Testing During the COVID-19 Pandemic
G. Colajanni, P. Daniele, and V. Biazzo, AIRO Springer Series, 2021, 7, pp. 65–77 (2021).

A new model for curriculum-based university course timetabling
G. Colajanni and P. Daniele, Optimization Letters, 15(5), pp. 1601–1616 (2021).

An Optimization Model for a Network of Organ Transplants with Uncertain Availability
G. Colajanni and P. Daniele, Nonlinear Analysis and Global Optimization (163-182). Springer, Cham. (2021).

A projected dynamic system associated with a cybersecurity investment model with budget constraints and fixed demands
G. Colajanni, P. Daniele, and D. Sciacca, Journal of Nonlinear and Variational Analysis, 4(1), 45–61 (2021).

Cybersecurity Investments with Nonlinear Budget Constraints and Conservation Laws: Variational Equilibrium, Marginal Expected Utilities, and Lagrange Multipliers
Gabriella Colajanni, Patrizia Daniele, Sofia Giuffre, and Anna Nagurney, International Transactions in Operational Research 25(5): (2018), pp 1443–1464. (Editor's Choice article - Free Access on the ITOR website)




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