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Tina Wakolbinger Dr. Tina Wakolbinger

Professor Wakolbinger's page at the Vienna University of Economics and Business


Dr. Tina Wakolbinger is the Professor of Supply Chain Services and Networks at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria. She assumed this position in May 2011. She is also Head of the Research Institute for Supply Chain Management there since November 2011.

She was previously an Assistant Professor in the Fogelman College of Business and Economics at the University of Memphis.

She received her Ph.D. in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Science at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in May 2007. She received a Masters in International Economics and Business Studies from the Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck in Innsbruck, Austria. 

Her research interests lie in the modeling and analysis of complex decision-making on network systems with a specific focus on global issues. She is especially interested in social and knowledge networks, global transportation and telecommunication networks, financial networks, humanitarian logistics and closed-loop supply chains.

Her research in humanitarian logistics has garnered support from the Austrian Science Fund. She served on the 2015 Dynamics of Disasters Program Committee with the conference taking place, June 29-July 2, in Kalamata, Greece, with Professor Anna Nagurney as one of the co-organizers.

Dr. Wakolbinger was a Vice President of Communications of WORMS (Women in Operations Research and the Management Sciences).

She is a past President of the UMass Amherst INFORMS Student Chapter and past coordinator of its Speaker Series (2004-2005 and 2005-2006).  Tina is a recipient of a 2006 Graduate Student Fellowship for Outstanding Students from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. In 2006 she was awarded the Judith B. Liebman Award from INFORMS (The Institute of Operations Research and the Management Sciences).

She received the 2008-2009 Dean's Service Award from the Fogelman College of Business and Economics at the University of Memphis for her assistance in organizing the Dean's 2008 Speaker Series.

Selected Publications:

Supply chain preparedness: How operational settings, product and disaster characteristics affect humanitarian responses Jonas Stumpf, Maria Besiou, and Tina Wakolbinger, Production and Operations Management (2023).

How to Increase the Impact of Disaster Relief: A Study of Transportation Rates, Framework Agreements and Product Distribution
Timo Gossler, Tina Wakolbinger, Anna Nagurney, and Patrizia Daniele, European Journal of Operational Research 274(1): (2019), pp 126-141.

Funds allocation in NPOs: the role of administrative cost ratios
Christian Burkart, Tina Wakolbinger, and Fuminori Toyasaki, Central European Journal of Operations Research (Open Access) (2017)

When and for whom would e-waste be a treasure trove? Insights from a network equilibrium model of e-waste flows
Tina Wakolbinger, Fuminori Toyasaki, Thomas Nowak, and Anna Nagurney, International Journal of Production Economics 154: (2014) pp 263–273.

IT-enabled Interorganizational Information Sharing Under Co-opetition in Disasters: A Game-Theoretic Framework
Tina Wakolbinger, Frances Fabian, and William J. Kettinger, Communications of the Association for Information Systems 33: (2013) Article 5.

The Co-Evolution and Emergence of Integrated International Financial Networks and Social Networks: Theory, Analysis, and Computations
Anna Nagurney, Jose M. Cruz, and Tina Wakolbinger,
in Globalization and Regional Economic Modeling,  R. Cooper, K. P. Donaghy, and  G. J. D. Hewings, Editors, Springer, Berlin, Germany (2007) pp 183-226.

Financial Engineering of the Integration of Global Supply Chain Networks and Social Networks with Risk Management
Jose M. Cruz, Anna Nagurney, and Tina Wakolbinger, Naval Research Logistics 53: (2006), pp 674-696.

The Evolution and Emergence of Integrated Social and Financial Networks with Electronic Transactions: A Dynamic Supernetwork Theory for the Modeling, Analysis, and Computation of Financial Flows and Relationship Levels
Anna Nagurney, Tina Wakolbinger, and Li Zhao, Computational Economics 27
: (2006) pp 353-393.

On a Paradox of Traffic Planning, translated from the (1968) original D. Braess paper from German to English by D. Braess, A. Nagurney, and T. Wakolbinger, Transportation Science 39: (2005) pp 446-450.

Dynamic Supernetworks for the Integration of Social Networks and Supply Chains with Electronic Commerce: Modeling and Analysis of Buyer-Seller Relationships with Computations
Tina Wakolbinger and Anna Nagurney, Netnomics 6: (2004) pp 153-185.

Supernetworks: An Introduction to the Concept and its Applications with a Specific Focus on Knowledge Supernetworks
Anna Nagurney and Tina Wakolbinger, International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management 4: (2004) pp 1523-1530.

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