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Deniz Besik Dr. Deniz Besik

Professor Besik's
University of Richmond


Dr. Deniz Besik is an Assistant Professor of Management in the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond. She received her PhD in Business Administration with a major in Management Science from the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst in May 2020. She received her Bachelor in Industrial Engineering in 2012 and her Master of Science in Industrial Engineering in 2014, both from Sabanci University, Turkey. Her MSc. Thesis was related to Electrical Power Networks.

Her research interests are: Supply Chain Networks, Food Supply Chains, Power Networks, Network Optimization, Mathematical Programming and Industrial Organization.

Deniz served as the President of the UMass Amherst INFORMS Student Chapter for 2017-2018, as Secretary from 2015-2016, and as Treasurer for 2016-2017.

Deniz received the 2019 Isenberg School Outstanding Doctoral Student Researcher Award.

She is also interested in swimming and watching independent movies. She uses social media frequently and follows Twitter especially.


An Integrated Multitiered Supply Chain Network Model of Competing Agricultural Firms and Processing Firms: The Case of Fresh Produce and Quality
Deniz Besik, Anna Nagurney, and Pritha Dutta, European Journal of Operational Research 307(1): (2023), pp 364-381.

Strategic decision for capacity portfolio in supply chain network considering emission permit price and demand uncertainty
Sara Saberi, Zugang Liu, and Deniz Besik, Journal of Cleaner Production 374: (2022) 133797

Spatial Price Equilibrium Networks with Flow-Dependent Arc Multipliers
Anna Nagurney, Deniz Besik, Optimization Letters, published online March 15, 2022.

Strict Quotas or Tariffs? Implications for Product Quality and Consumer Welfare in Differentiated Product Supply Chains
Anna Nagurney, Deniz Besik, and Dong Li, Transportation Research E 29: (2019), pp 136-161.

Tariffs and Quotas in World Trade: A Unified Variational Inequality Framework
Anna Nagurney, Deniz Besik, and June Dong, European Journal of Operational Research 275(1): (2019), pp 347-360.

Dynamics of Quality as a Strategic Variable in Complex Food Supply Chain Network Competition: The Case of Fresh Produce
Anna Nagurney, Deniz Besik, and Min Yu, Chaos 28: (2018), 043124.

Quality in Competitive Fresh Produce Supply Chains with Application to Farmers’ Markets
Deniz Besik and Anna Nagurney, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences 60: (2017), pp 62-76.

Supply Chain Network Capacity Competition with Outsourcing: A Variational Equilibrium Framework
Anna Nagurney, Min Yu, Deniz Besik, Journal of Global Optimization 69(1): (2017), pp 231-254.

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