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Studies in the Economics of Transportation
Beckmann, McGuire, and Winsten

In Memoriam
C. Bartlett McGuire (1925-2006)
Christopher B. Winsten (1923-2005)
Memoriam in Transportation Science

On November 14, 2005, at the INFORMS National Meeting in San Francisco, California, two sessions were sponsored by the Transportation and Logistics Section of INFORMS to mark the 50th Anniversary of the publication of Studies in the Economics of Transportation. The book, co-authored by Martin Beckmann, C. Bart McGuire, and Christopher B. Winsten, was published in 1956 by Yale University Press. Both Professors Beckmann and McGuire were in attendance at the sessions and at the conclusion of the sessions shared their reflections on the book with the audience.

Speaking at the sessions were Professors David Boyce, Michael Florian, Don Hearn, Hani S. Mahmassani,
Anna Nagurney, and Tim Roughgarden.

The Cowles Foundation
at Yale University, through its director, Dr. Philip Haile, kindly provided plaques and citations for Professors Beckmann and McGuire.

The celebration concluded with a luncheon at the ANZU Restaurant at Hotel Nikko San Francisco.
Cover of SET
BMW Session
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BMW Sessions
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Presentations from the Sessions
Florian Presnetation

Some History of this Network Classic

In 1955, Rand published Studies in the Economics of Transportation by M. J. Beckmann, C. B. McGuire and C. B. Winsten, who were economists with the Cowles Commission for Research in Economics, as RM-1488-PR. Part I of the work entitled, A Study of Highway Transportation, is now regarded as containing the breakthrough that initiated an entire field of research and professional practice having to do with forecasting of travel in large urban areas.  The report was later published as a book by the Yale University Press in 1956.

In Fall 2007, the Cowles Foundation of Yale University made the book available on its website for downloading.

Cover of SET

Through the efforts of Professor David Boyce in the Spring 2003, this book is now available for downloading from the RAND Corporation site. The Center Director and Associates thank both Professor Boyce and the Rand Corporation for making this treasure available to scholars, students, practioners, and the interested public.

Download the report from RAND.
On Saturday, November 22, 2003 at the 50th North American Meeting of the Regional Science Association International, a Special Panel was held to recognize the impacts and significance of this book. 

Chair and Discussant:
Professor Suzanne Evans, Birbeck College, London

Professor David E. Boyce, University of Illinois at Chicago (Emeritus) (Visiting UPenn Fall 2003)
Professor Anna Nagurney, University of Massachusetts at Amherst 
Professor Hani Mahmassani, University of Maryland at College Park 

From left: Professors Mahmassani, Evans, Boyce, and Nagurney

A Retrospective on Beckmann, McGuire and Winsten’s Studies in the Economics of Transportation
David E. Boyce, Hani S. Mahmassani, and Anna Nagurney

Presentations of the Panelists
Presentation (pdf) Presentation (pdf)
Accompanying Paper (pdf)
Presentation (pdf)

Related Paper
Forecasting Travel on Congested Urban Transportation Networks:
Review and Prospects for Network Equilibrium Models
 by David Boyce

Boyce Seminar

Seminar by Professor David E. Boyce
at Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
September 10, 2013

Urban Transportation Netorks

Urban Transportation Networks:
Equilibrium Analysis with Mathematical Programming Methods
Yosef Sheffi

Available for Download on
Professor Sheffi's MIT website

Parallel and Distributed Computation

Parallel and Distributed Computation: Numerical Methods
Dimitri P. Bertsekas and John N. Tsitsiklis

Available for Download on
Professor Bertsekas's MIT Website

Available for Purchase from Athena Scientific

The Traffic Assignment Problem - Models and Methods
Michael Patriksson

Available for Download on
Professor Patriksson's Chalmers Website

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