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Congratulations and Kudos!

2016 was a year to remember! With this message it gives me great pleasure as the Center Director to summarize some of the accomplishments and achievements of the Center Associates of the Virtual Center for Supernetworks!

The book, Competing on Supply Chain Quality: A Network Economics Perspective, co-authored by Center Associate Dong Li and me, was published in June 2016. It is the second book in the Springer Series in Supply Chain Management edited by Professor Chris Tang of UCLA. The book was nominated for LES PLUMES DES ACHATS & SUPPLY CHAIN REMISE DES PRIX DE LA SECONDE EDITION, an award given in France to the best supply chain book of the year.

Also, in 2016, the book, Dynamics of Disasters: Key Concepts, Models, Algorithms, and Insights, co-edited by Professor Ilias S. Kotsireas, me, and Professor Panos M. Pardalos, was published by Springer. The co-editors organized the 2015 Dynamics of Disasters conference that was held in Kalamata, Greece, and this volume, consisting of 18 refereed chapters, contains papers presented at the conference, along with contributions from other experts, including several that I had hosted at the Isenberg School of Management. The volume's contributors include both academics and practitioners; several from the United Nations. I have two chapters in the book, one on freight service provision, and another chapter on an integrated disaster relief model with stochastic link costs, co-authored with Center Associate Professor Ladimer S. Nagurney of the University of Hartford.

Center Associate Ladimer S. Nagurney had spent the 2015-2016 academic year on sabbatical as a Visiting Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

I was very honored to be a Visiting Fellow at All Souls College at Oxford University, considered the top university in the world. I spent the Trinity term there (for about two and a half months) and was one of twelve Visiting Fellows during that term representing fields from economics to anthropology. I was provided with an apartment, a beautiful office with a view of a fountain and garden. There, I was able to complete several papers on supply chains, as well as the co-editing of the Dynamics of Disasters volume. While at Oxford, I had the chance to travel to London to see Center Associate Dr. Stavros Siokos, Managing Partner at Astarte Capital Partners, at a special dinner that he hosted for Professor Ladimer S. Nagurney, our daughter, and me at the Royal Automobile Club.

Research continued not only on supply chains, disaster relief, the Braess paradox, as well as various Internet-related topics, including work funded on an NSF EAGER grant that I am working on with Professor Tilman Wolf of the College of Engineering and collaborators at the University of Kentucky. In addition, research continues on the development of models to provide Internet services to rural and poor regions with collaborators in Colombia.

Congratulations to Center Associate Sara Saberi who successfully defended her doctoral dissertation, Network Game Theory Models of Services and Quality Competition with Applications to Future Internet Architectures and Supply Chains, in 2016. She is now an Assistant Professor at the Foisie School of Business at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts.

Congratulations also to Doctoral Student Center Associate Shivani Shukla, who successfully defended her doctoral dissertation proposal: Game Theory for Security Investments in Cyber and Supply Chain Networks, in October 2016. Shivani received the Outstanding Doctoral Student Teaching Award, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2016. She also was selected for, and took part in, the INFORMS Doctoral Student Colloquium at the Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee in November and the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) Doctoral Consortium, Orlando, Florida in May. Her paper, "Multifirm Models of Cybersecurity Investment Competition vs. Cooperation and Network Vulnerability," that we co-authored was accepted for publication in the European Journal of Operational Research.

Doctoral Student Center Associate Deniz Besik was very active as an officer of the UMass Amherst INFORMS Student Chapter and the chapter was recognized with its 11th award, in as many years, at the INFORMS Annual Meeting, with the Cum Laude Award. Additionally, it was a great honor to be recognized at the INFORMS Annual Meeting with the inaugural Distinguished Service Award from INFORMS.

The INFORMS conference served as a great venue for many Center Associates to reconvene, with presenters including Center Associates Professor Ding Zhang of SUNY Oswego, Professor Patrick Qiang of Pennsylvania State University Great Valley, Professor Zugang Liu of Pennsylvania State University Hazleton, Professor Trisha Anderson of Texas Wesleyan University, Professor Amir H. Masoumi of Manhattan College, Professor Min Yu of the University of Portland, Professor Dmytro Matsypura of the University of Sydney in Australia, Professor Jose M. Cruz of the University of Connecticut, Professor Dong Li of Arkansas State University, Professor Sara Saberi, and Doctoral Student Center Associates Shivani Shukla and Deniz Besik. It was Deniz's first INFORMS conference.

Doctoral Student Center Associate Deniz Besik's paper on farmers' markets and quality, co-authored with the Center Director, will be presented at the INFORMS Computing Society conference in Austin, Texas in January 2017.

Center Associates were also prominent at the EURO conference held in Poznan, Poland, in the summer of 2016, with Professor Patrizia Daniele of the University of Catania in Italy organizing sessions and also Professor Tina Wakolbinger of the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria. Professor Dmytro Matsypura also presented there. Notably, the paper: "Competitive Food Supply Chain Networks with Application to Fresh Produce," Min Yu and Anna Nagurney, European Journal of Operational Research 224(2): (2013) pp 273-282, was recognized in a special session there organized by the Editors of the European Journal of Operational Research as one of two papers published in the past several years in that journal that is highly cited and impactful. I had the pleasure of presenting on our joint work. Also, Professor Ladimer S. Nagurney presented on our latest work on the Braess paradox, presenting proof of existence for electrical circuits that were constructed.

Congratulations to Center Associates: Professor Patrick Qiang, Professor Ke Ke of Central Washington University, Professor Trisha Anderson, and Professor June Dong of SUNY Oswego! Their paper, "The Closed-loop Supply Chain Network with Competition, Distribution Channel Investment, and Uncertainties," published in the journal Omega in 2013 is one of the most highly cited papers in that journal over the past 5 years!

Additional congratulations to Center Associate Professor Trisha Anderson! She was recognized with the Engaging Educator Award from her university. The award goes to professors who go above and beyond to engage their students with research and the community.

Professor Tina Wakolbinger had a very busy and successful year and continues as Professor of Supply Chain Services and Networks, the Director of the Master Program in Supply Chain Management, and Head of the Research Institute for Supply Chain Management at the Vienna University of economics and Business. She serves as VP of Awards at POM College of Humanitarian Operations and Crisis Management and is a member of the Board of the Euro Working Group on Humanitarian Operations.

Congratulations to Center Associate Jose M. Cruz. He continues to serve as the Executive Program Director of the very successful Master of Science in Business Analytics and Project Management (MSBAPM) degree program at the School of Business, University of Connecticut. He also received a grant from the Business School to work on global supply chains.

Below are links to examples of some of our recent publications.

Multifirm Models of Cybersecurity Investment Competition vs. Cooperation and Network Vulnerability
Anna Nagurney and Shivani Shukla, accepted for publication in the European Journal of Operational Research.

A Generalized Nash Equilibrium Network Model for Post-Disaster Humanitarian Relief
Anna Nagurney, Emilio Alvarez Flores, and Ceren Soylu, Transportation Research E 95: (2016), pp 1-18.

Physical Proof of the Occurrence of the Braess Paradox in Electrical Circuits
Ladimer S. Nagurney and Anna Nagurney, EPL (Europhysics Letters) 115 (2016) 28004.

Introduction to the Volume: Dynamics of Disasters: Key Concepts, Models, Algorithms, and Insights
Ilias S. Kotsireas, Anna Nagurney, and Panos M. Pardalos, Springer International Publishing Switzerland (2016) pp i-xi.

Cybersecurity Investments with Nonlinear Budget Constraints: Analysis of the Marginal Expected Utilities
Patrizia Daniele, Antonio Maugeri, and Anna Nagurney, in press in Operations Research, Engineering, and Cyber Security: Trends in Applied Mathematics and Technology, N.J. Daras and T.M. Rassias, Editors, Springer.

A Layered Protocol Architecture for Scalable Innovation and Identification of Network Economic Synergies in the Internet of Things
Tilman Wolf and Anna Nagurney, Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE First International Conference on Internet-of-Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI), pp 141-151.

Freight Service Provision for Disaster Relief: A Competitive Network Model with Computations
Anna Nagurney, in Dynamics of Disasters: Key Concepts, Models, Algorithms, and Insights, I.S. Kotsireas, A. Nagurney, and P.M. Pardalos, Eds., Springer International Publishing Switzerland (2016) pp 207-229.

A Mean-Variance Disaster Relief Supply Chain Network Model for Risk Reduction with Stochastic Link Costs, Time Targets, and Demand Uncertainty
Anna Nagurney and Ladimer S. Nagurney, in Dynamics of Disasters: Key Concepts, Models, Algorithms, and Insights, I.S. Kotsireas, A. Nagurney, and P.M. Pardalos, Eds., Springer International Publishing Switzerland (2016) pp 231-255.

Towards Pricing Mechanisms for Delay Tolerant Services
L. Marentes, T. Wolf, A. Nagurney, and Y. Donoso, International Journal of Computers Communications & Control, 11(1): (2016) pp 77-89.

Many thanks to the Supernetwork Team and to our supporters for another tremendous year!

Anna Nagurney


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