Humanitarian Logistics: Networks for Africa


Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Conference, Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

May 5-9, 2008

Conference Organizer: Anna Nagurney, John F. Smith Memorial Professor University of Massachusetts at Amherst

This website is dedicated to the conference, Humanitarian Logistics: Networks for Africa, which took place at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Conference Center on Lake Como, Italy.

Fragile Networks: Identifying Vunerabilities and Synergies in an Uncertain World
Anna Nagurney and
Qiang Patrick Qiang
John W. Wiley & Sons 2009
Fragile Networks Humanitarian Logistics Humanitarian Logistics
Rolando Tomasini and
Luk van Wassenhove
Palgrave Macmillan 2009
Professor Anna Nagurney, Director of the Virtual Center for Supernetworks at the Isenberg School of Management, acknowledges the support of the Rockefeller Foundation through its Bellagio Center Program. She is indebted to the Foundation for making this conference possible. Additional funding has been provided by The Institute of International Education and the John F. Smith Memorial Fund at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. This support is gratefully appreciated. Thanks are extended to the staff of the Bellagio Center for their extraordinary support and hospitality.

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Presentations of Invited Participants
Antony K. Cooper Some Thoughts on Humanitarian Logistics and Quantitative Methods
Dr. Jose M. Cruz Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Sustainable Development in Africa
George Fenton

Partnering for Relief - Optimizing Logistics: An Inter-Agency Approach: Why and How?

Dr. Anton Kleywegt Dynamic Models of Long Term Consequences of Disaster Relief
Dr. Emmett J. Lodree, Jr. Inventory Planning for Hurricane Events
Dr. Charles Mbohwa Identifying Challenges and Collaboration Areas in Humanitarian Logistics: A Southern Africa Perspective (paper)
Dr. Anna Nagurney Supply Chain Network Models for Humanitarian Logistics: Identifying Synergies and Vulnerabilities
Agnes Nyaguthie The Important Role of Humanitarian Logistics
Dr. Panos M. Pardalos Critical Node Detection Problem
Dr. Berc Rustem Decision Making under Uncertainty Worst-case Analysis & Expected Value Optimization
Dr. Paul Thompson Supply Chain Analytics for Humanitarian Logistics Transformation
Dr. Cosmas Zavazava Bridging the Last Mile Gap through Telecommunications/ICT in Disaster Management
Invited Participants
Antony K. COOPER -- Mr. Cooper is an Operating Unit Fellow in Logistics and Quantitative Methods at the Center for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Pretoria, South Africa. Mr. Cooper brings fundamental expertise from a research organizational standpoint on the topic of the conference.

Dr. Jose M. CRUZ -- Dr. Cruz is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Operations and Information Management at the School of Business at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut. Dr. Cruz brings both personal and professional expertise on logistics, supply chains, corporate social responsibility, and life in Africa.

George FENTON -- Mr. Fenton is Associate Supply Chain Director for World Vision International's (WVI's) Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs Division. In 2002, he set up an inter-agency working group for East Africa, which promotes collaboration on humanitarian logistics. In addition, in conjunction with IFRC and UN-WFP logistics offices, he established the Global Fleet Forum. He has over two decades of relief and development experience, in both the private and NGO sectors.

Dr. Anton KLEYWEGT -- Dr. Kleywegt is an Associate Professor in the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Kleywegt is an expert on transportation and logistics and has taught several courses on supply chain management, stochastic optimization, and game theory. In 2006, he participated in a National Science Foundation Workshop on Relief Systems in Kenya, Africa.

Dr. Gyongyi KOVACS -- Dr. Kovacs is an Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management and Corporate Geography at the Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Helsinki, Finland. She is one of the leaders of the Center for Humanitarian Logistics based at her university.

Dr. Emmett J. LODREE, Jr. -- Dr. Lodree is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Auburn University. He has taken part in several National Science Foundation workshops, including one for the development of minority faculty in engineering. His expertise and interests lie in humanitarian logistics and disaster emergency preparedness. His family home was severely damaged during Hurricane Katrina and, hence, his personal interest in the topic of the proposed Bellagio conference. He has received several honors and awards and has presented his research at major conferences.

Dr. Charles MBOHWA -- Dr. Mbowha is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Quality and Operations Management at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. He was formerly a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zimbabwe, Africa. He was a Fulbrighter at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Mbowha is an expert on transportation and logistics with a focus on challenging environments and applications to Africa; he also has expertise in energy and sustainability.

Dr. Anna NAGURNEY -- Dr. Nagurney is the John F. Smith Memorial Professor and Director of the Virtual Center for Supernetworks at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Dr. Nagurney is a widely published author and recognized authority on logistics and transportation networks, as well as related network systems. In March 2004, she organized a research team residency at the Bellagio Center on dynamic networks. She has held appointments at Brown University, KTH in Sweden, at MIT, at SOWI Business School in Innsbruck, Austria, and was also a Science Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University. She is the recipient of two Fulbright awards.

Agnes NYAGUTHIE -- Ms. Nyaguthie is the Regional Logistics Coordinator for OXFAM GB and is based in Pretoria, South Africa. She is with the Department of Logistics and Property. Ms. Nyaguthie is responsible for the logistics of six countries in her region of Africa. Prior to joining OXFAM, she was with CARE in Somalia. She brings years of practical expertise in logistics to the conference agenda.

Dr. Panos M. PARDALOS -- Dr. Pardalos is a Distinguished University Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Applied Optimization, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Dr. Pardalos has been recognized for his research by notable international accolades, including honorary doctorates, and has authored, co-authored, and edited several volumes on supply chains. He has supervised numerous doctoral dissertations and is an INFORMS Fellow and a Fulbrighter. He is also an editor of several major journals.

Dr. Berc RUSTEM -- Dr. Berc Rustem is a Professor of Computing at the Department of Computing at Imperial College, London, United Kingdom. Dr. Rustem is an authority on risk management and decision-making under uncertainty and worst-case models. He has supervised doctoral dissertations of African students. He has served as an editor of several major journals and is on the editorial boards of several journals as well as book series.

Dr. Paul THOMPSON -- Dr. Thompson is Manager, Operations Research, at Northrop Grumman IT in the Analysis and Decision Support Department. He is based in McLean, Virginia. Dr. Thompson formerly led the Operations Analytics team efforts with IBM's Public Sector Supply Chain Management practice and has more than 25 years experience in academia, consulting, and industry. He is an expert on solving complex problems in logistics. Prior to IBM, he served as Professor of Supply Chain Management at the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics program in Spain.

Rolando TOMASINI -- Mr. Tomasini is a Research Associate and Program Coordinator with the Research Group on Humanitarian Logistics, led by Professor Luc Van Wassenhove, at INSEAD, a top-ranked business school based in France. Mr. Tomasini has worked with the Pan American Health Organization in Central America, the World Food Program in Southern Africa, and with the United Nations Join Logistics Center on different initiatives, including training and the Sudanese operation, He has written several case studies on humanitarian logistics as well as articles and reports and has lectured widely on the subject.

Dr. Cosmas ZAVAZAVA -- Dr. Zavazava is the Head, Least Developed Countries, Small Island Developing States, and Emergency Telecommunications at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Zavazava brings intellectual expertise from the field of telecommunications and its role in disaster management and humanitarian operations. He is a widely sought speaker and expert on this subject.



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