Course Syllabi
  Dr. Anna Nagurney
Johm F. Smith Memorial Professor
Department of Operations and Information Management

Isenberg School of Management
University of Massachusetts Amherst


The following syllabi may be downloaded as pdf files


SOM 825 – Management Science Seminar: Real-World Applications – Advances in Variational Inequality Models for Supply Chains (Spring 2019)

SCH-MGMT 597LG – Humanitarian Logistics and Healthcare (Spring 2019)

OIM 413 - Logistics and Transportation (Fall 2018)

SOM 825 – Management Science Seminar: Variational Inequalities, Networks, and Game Theory (Spring 2018)

OIM 413 - Logistics and Transportation (Fall 2017)

SOM 825 –Management Science Seminar: Advances in Variational Inequalities, Game Theory, and Applications (Spring 2017)

OIM 413 - Logistics and Transportation (Fall 2016)

FOMGT 353 - Introduction to Management Science

FOMGT 456 - Management Science Applications

SOM 821 - Management Science I (Fall 2010)

SOM 822 - Management Science II (Spring 2011)

SOM 823 - Variational Inequalities and Projected Dynamical Systems -- Theory and Applications

SOM 825 – Advanced Mathematical Programming: Dynamic Network Systems (Spring 2012)


Gothenburg University - School of Business, Economics and Law - Theoretical Perspectives in Contemporary Business Administration Research (Fall 2012)


For Syllabi and Lectures from my Spring 2002 courses as the Distinguished Fulbright Chair at the SOWI Business School at the University of Innsbruck Austria click here.