Anna Nagurney, Ph.D.

John F. Smith Memorial Professor

Isenberg School of Management

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Selected Course Materials (Syllabi)

OIM 413 Logistics and Transportation - Fall 2019

SCM-MGMT 597 LG - Humanitarian Logistics and Healthcare - Spring 2019


SCM-MGMT 825 -- Management Science Seminar: Variational Inequalities, Networks, and Game Theory - Spring 2018


SCM-MGMT 825 -- Management Science Seminar: Variational Inequalities, Game Theory, and Applications - Spring 2017


Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK - March 2018
Masterclass - Network Equilibrium

Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration - March 2013
Humanitarian Logistics and Healthcare

University of Gothenburg - Fall 2012 PhD Course
Theoretical Perspectives in Contemporary Business Administration Research (Syllabus)
Operations Management and Supply Chain Network Theory

Harvard University - Graduate School of Design
Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate - July 2009

Portfolio Optimization


World Bank - Short Course Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Economics in World Bank Projects - June 2-4, 2008

Network Economics


Courses taught while Professor Anna Nagurney held the Distinguished Fulbright Chair at the SOWI Business School at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, Spring 2002:

Network Economics

Sustainable Transportation


Virtual Center for Supernetworks


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