Anna Nagurney, Ph.D.

Department of Finance and Operations Management

Isenberg School of Management -- University of Massachusetts Amherst

SCH-MGMT 597LG -- Humanitarian Logistics and Healthcare

Lecture Handouts


Lecture 1 - Background and Introduction

Lecture 2 - Commercial vs. Humanitarian Supply Chains

Lecture 3 - Supply Chain Risk Management

Lecture 4 - Fundamental Issues in Humanitarian Logistics

Lecture 5 - Network Performance, Robustness, and Resiliency

Lecture 6 - Learning from Disasters – Business and Humanitarian Ones

Lecture 7 - Perishable Product Supply Chains in Healthcare

Lecture 8 - Earmarking and Financial Funds

Lecture 9 - Critical Needs Supply Chains Under Disruptions

Guest Lecture - Disaster Communications

Guest Lecture - Supply Chain Network Operations Management and Design of A Sustainable Blood Banking System

Additional material can be found on the Humanitarian Logistics: Networks for Africa site.

Virtual Center for Supernetworks


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