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Anna Nagurney is interviewed for the segment

Pandemic shortages and shipping delays impacting back-to-school shopping

Western Mass News

September 7, 2021

Video on WesternMassNews Site


Anna Nagurney is interviewed for the Boston 25 Special Report

25 Investigates: Congestion in MA could exceed pre-pandemic levels

September 6, 2021

Video on Boston25 Site

Boston 25

Anna Nagurney's Keynote at CINS-2021

Game Theory and Variational Inequalities: From Transportation and Supply Chains to Financial Networks and the Internet



Professor Nagurney is interviewed

Many companies face a stockpiling dilemma in a pandemic-influenced inventory world

Nancy Marshall-Genzer
July 7, 2021

Marketplace From Marketplace Site

Professor Nagurney is interviewed
for a story on


Springfield, MA

June 10, 2021


Professor Nagurney is interviewed
for the story

Starbucks ingredients shortage leaves people without their favorite extras

KNX 1070
Los Angeles, CA

June 10, 2021

From this site (mp3)

Professor Nagurney is interviewed for

Effects Of A Stressed Global Supply Chain

All Sides with Anna Fisher
Columbus, Ohio

June 8, 2021

WOSU Professor Nagurney's interview begins at about 15:45 into the show.

Professor Nagurney is interviewed for

Expert says the COVID-19 pandemic
supply-and-demand issues in US

Kansas City, MO

June 4, 2021


Professor Nagurney is interviewed
on the show

What the Truck

Freightways TV
May 12, 2021

Interview begins about 30 minutes
into the show.

Subsegment on Game Theory


Professor Nagurney is interviewed by
Prof. Anand Subramanian for

Subject to

April 18, 2021



Professor Nagurney is interviewed

Vaccine supply chain bottlenecks eased, drugmakers tell Congress

Scott Tong
Feb 23, 2021

Marketplace From Marketplace Site

Professor Nagurney is interviewed
for the
Isenberg School of Management Podcast

Hub Chats

February 2021

Podcast on Spotify



Professor Nagurney is interviewed for

Frustration Surrounds COVID Vaccine Registration in Mass.

NECN - NBC10 Boston

January 28, 2021

Video on

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Professor Nagurney is interviewed for

‘Simply Ineffective':
Lawmakers, Experts Slam Mass.
COVID Vaccination Rollout

NECN - NBC10 Boston

January 28, 2021

Video and Transcript on

NBC 10

Professor Nagurney is interviewed for

Experts Respond to Spoilage
of COVID Vaccines
at VA Medical Center

NECN - NBC10 Boston

January 22, 2021

Video and Transcript on

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Professor Nagurney is interviewed for

Corporations offer to help
with vaccine rollout


January 11, 2021

Audio and Transcript on


Professor Anna Nagurney is
interviewed for the podcast

Shining a light on the COVID-19
vaccine distribution

by Ashley Kilgore
INFORMS Resoundingly Human
January 15, 2021

Podcast on this site


The Vaccine: An NBC10 Boston Special

NBC 10 Boston - December 16, 2020

Professor Nagurney interviewed for segment
Intense Efforts to Secure COVID Vaccine,
Keep It Off the Black Market

Text of Interview (pdf)

Complete Special


Professor Nagurney is interviewed for

Vaccine delivery across the country faces complex supply chain challenges


December 10, 2020

Audio and Transcript on


INFORMS 2020 Annual Meeting

Networks in Finance in
and Beyond:
A Half Century Retrospective

Session SA34
Fifty Years of Networks

November 7 - 11, 2020




Consumer Science Summit

Optimization of
Food Supply Chain Networks:
Why Quality, Trade Instruments, and Labor All Matter

September 28 - October 1, 2020

Video (Youtube)




#CareTalk Podcast
Episode #60
How Will the COVID Vaccine
Get to Me?

Guest: Anna Nagurney

Audio (Youtube)



Professor Anna Nagurney

USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society
October 7, 2020

Video (YouTube)



Professor Anna Nagurney

Informs Chicago Regional Conference
September 25, 2020




Professor Anna Nagurney
Inaugural Webinar
Informs Practice Section
June 12, 2020

Complete Webinar (Youtube)

Professor Nagurney's Presentation (this site)

Slides from Professor Nagurney's Presentation

Professor Anna Nagurney
Mick Kjar Show

KQLX Agnews 890
Fargo, ND

May 7, 2020

Mick Kjar podcast
This site

Mick Kjar

Mick Kjar

Professor Anna Nagurney

Boston, MA

May 5, 2020

Professor Anna Nagurney on Diaper Shortage

KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO - Los Angeles, CA

April 28, 2020

Interview 1 --- Interview 2


Mathematical Moments Podcast - April 13, 2020 --- AMS Site --- This Site

Mathematical Moments


Supply Chain Networks Against Time:
From Food to Pharma

Professor Anna Nagurney

3rd Anniversary
Optimization Days 2019
HEC Montreal

May 15, 2019


Professor Anna Nagurney

Women in Science:
A Personal Journey

Congreso Futuro
Valparaiso, Chile

January 17, 2019


Congresso Futuro

OR 60

Operational Research: The TransfORmative Discipline for the 21st Century

Plenary at OR60
Lancaster, England

September 11, 2018


Courtesy of the Operational Research Society

'Critical' Blood Shortage Comes Down To
Weather, Flu, And Supply Chain

Karen Brown of NEPR Interviews
Professor Anna Nagurney

January 25, 2018

Interview on NEPR

THINK! America

THINK! America

THINK! America with Terry Gilberg

Disaster Relief
Professor Anna Nagurney

November 11, 2017


Complete Show
(Interview begins at about 21 minutes into the show.)

Calgary Today
Angela Kokott

CHQR Radio

Natural disasters... game theory

Professor Anna Nagurney

August 30, 2017

Matt Townsend Show

Matt Townsend Show

Matt Townsend Show

BYU Radio

Infrastructure Spending
Professor Anna Nagurney

July 26, 2017

NEPR Interview with Professor Anna Nagurney
America’s Blood Economy: Vulnerable To Economic Trends, Medical Advances

February 9, 2017


Interview Transcript


Yale Institute for Network Science
YINS Distinguished Lecturer

Supply Chain Networks Against Time: From Food to Pharma
Professor Anna Nagurney
February 17, 2016


2015 Women of Isenberg Conference

Panel Discussion - Building Your Brand
Professor Anna Nagurney
February 7, 2015

Short Video Clip (Thanks to Center Associate Sara Saberi)

Women of Isenberg


TEDx - UMass

The Traffic Circle of Life
Professor Anna Nagurney
November 25, 2013

Video on Vimeo --- Presentation Slides

Network Economics

INFORMS Annual Meeting Minneapolis 2013:
Analytics Section Sponsored Session
Network Economics of Cyber Crime with Applications to Financial Service Organizations
Professor Anna Nagurney
October 6, 2013

Video on YouTube

Video on INFORMS Website

Professor Anna Nagurney is a panelist
New York Times - Energy for Tomorrow
April 25, 2013

Video from the Energy for Tomorrow Website

Website for Energy for Tomorrow

Energy for Tomorrow

Professor Anna Nagurney is interviewed on
KUT - NPR Radio - Austin, Texas

How Closing Roads Can Make Traffic Flow Smoother

March 8, 2013

America Revealed

Professor Anna Nagurney
is interviewed on
WGBY's Connecting Point
April 11, 2012

Video from WGBY Site

Professor Anna Nagurney
is interviewed for
America Revealed

Video from PBS Site

Website for America Revealed

America Revealed
Mathematical Moments

Mathematical Moments
Produced by the American Mathematical Society

Podcast Part 1 - Podcast Part 2

Poster (pdf) - AMS Mathematical Moments Site

Professor Anna Nagurney's Keynote at PAKDD 2011
Shenzhen, China
May 24-27, 2011

Rich Media --- Audio with Slides --- Audio Only

Shenzhen Keynote

Professor Nagurney's interview on the Radio Show Moebius on the Braess Paradox
and on her presentation at the AAAS 2011 Annual Meeting - February 27, 2011

The show is in Italian and hosted by Federico Pedrocchi.
The podcast of the entire show on site


UMass Professor says "Wisdom of Crowds" decreases travel time

WFCR - September 15, 2010

Beckman Symposium

Symposium on Transportation Network Design and Economics
Northwestern University, January 29, 2010
Professor Nagurney's Presentation is Presentation 2

!@#$% Traffic: From Insects to Interstates

Panelists Professors Mitchell Joachim, Anna Nagurney
and Iain Couzin
Robert Krulwich, moderator

WSF Video


Anna Nagurney (interviewed by Barry List)
Supernetworks: Building Better Real and Virtual Highways
November 2009


This video clip was prepared for the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees and features Professor Anna Nagurney teaching her FOMGT 341 class -- Transportation & Logistics.
She appears in the middle of the clip and towards the end along with the Chancellor and other UMass Amherst faculty and students.

Professors Nagurney and Couzin are interviewed
on the Brian Lehrer Show - WNYC - NPR
on Traffic and their participation in the World Science Festival
June 11, 2009

Professor Nagurney's Seminar
Synergies and Vulnerabilities of Supply Chain Networks in a Global Economy:
What We Can Learn from Half a Century of Advances in Transportation

UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies

May 1, 2009
Link to Video

Professor Nagurney's Presentation
Operations Research and Captivating Study of Networks and Complex Decision-Making
Brown SUMS Conference

March 2007
Link to Video             Link to Conference

Professor Nagurney's Presentation at
Mesh Forum 2005 is available on audio
  at IT Conversations
Link to the Audio        Link to the Talk Slides

IT Conversations

The Virtual Center for Supernetworks
was featured in the Your State U. segment of the
Steve Lappas Show
on Sunday, November 30, 2003

Link to the Video

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