The Virtual Center for Supernetworks

What is a Supernetwork?

A Supernetwork is a network, consisting of nodes, links, and flows, that is over and above existing networks.

A Supernetwork may have both virtual and physical links as in the case of teleshopping and telecommuting applications.

A Teleshopping versus Shopping Supernetwork Conceptualization

A Telecommuting versus Commuting Supernetwork Example

A Supernetwork may be multitiered and multilevel as in supply chains and financial networks with intermediation.

A Supply Chain Multitiered/Multilevel Supernetwork Example

A Multilevel Financial Network with Intermediation

A Supernetwork may have additional nodes, links, and paths to capture decision-making options such as in combined transportation and location decision-making.

A Supernetwork Transformation for a Transportation/Location Decision-Making Example

A Supernetwork may involve decision-makers who are faced with distinct criteria such as time, monetary cost, opportunity cost, risk, and/or safety.