The CommonWealth
A UMass Alumni/Business Affairs Publication of the Isenberg School of Management
Vol. 16, No. 1/Winter 2003

Virtual Center for Supernetworks Receives Second $25,000
AT&T Grant

For the second year in a row, John F. Smith Memorial Professor
of Operations Management Anna Nagurney has received a
$25,000 Industrial Faculty Fellowship from the AT&T Foundation.
The fellowship renews the foundation's support for her project,
Supernetworks and the Environment: Foundations and a Virtual
Center. "That's the Isenberg School's Virtual Center for
Supernetworks," notes Nagurney. Last year's project engaged
Nagurney and a half dozen students in the formal study of a wide
spectrum of networks, including e-commerce supply chains,
transportation, telecommuting, teleshopping, and regional
economies. This year's agenda calls for the exploration of supply
chain networks with recycling (notably "e-cycling") and
environmental aspects of financial networks with electronic

"Last year's initial AT&T fellowship was mostly about the
foundation's expectations; this year's is just as much an
endorsement of our work. They've seen it, approved, and want
us to continue," emphasizes Nagurney, who leads a research
team of half a dozen students who have put their own stamp on
the Isenberg School's Virtual Center. The team - a multicultural
group representing the Ukraine, Cape Verdean Islands, Japan,
and other countries - has contributed to articles that have been
accepted for publication in Transportation Research, Quantitative
Finance, European Journal of Operations Research, and other