Sustainable Transportation Networks

Anna Nagurney

Edward Elgar Publishing Inc

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Description: Transportation networks are essential to the functioning of societies and economies and provide the infrastructure for the movement of people and goods over space and time. The existence and utilization of transportation networks are fundamental to the modern age and the negative effects of congestion and pollution associated with their increasing usage demand urgent attention.

This book cogently addresses the question as to whether transportation networks are sustainable: that is, can they last, given the growing demands on the network, on the one hand, and the desire to alleviate the associated negative impacts, on the other. Anna Nagurney answers the question positively by providing a rigorous foundation for the formulation, analysis, and computation of solutions to such problems through the use of  appropriate policies ranging from tolls and tradable pollution permits to the design of the networks themselves.

Sustainable Transportation Networks will be of great value to students, researchers, and practitioners of transportation studies, environmental economics, regional science, and urban planning.

Chapter Contents
Part 1: Introduction and Overview:
1 Introduction
2 Foundations
3 Emissions Paradoxes in Transportation Networks
4 Viable and Sustainable Transportation Networks
Part II: Policies for Sustainable User-Optimized Transportation Networks
5 Emission Pricing for Sustainability - User-Optimized Perspective
6 Permits for User-Optimized, Fixed Demand Networks
7 Permits for User-Optimized, Elastic Demand Networks
Part III: Policies for Sustainable System-Optimized Transportation Networks
8 Sustainable System-Optimized Networks
9 Tradable Permits for System-Optimized Networks
Part IV: Special Topics
10 Spatial Oligopolies and Marketable Polution Permits
11 Spatial Price Metworks and Emission Policies
12 Technology and Network Design Issues
Part V: Summary and Conculsions
13 Concluding Comments
Appendix A Optimization Theory
Appendix B Variation Inequality Theory
Appendix C Problems

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