The Network Organization
The Network Organization:
The Experience of
French World Leaders

New Dimensions in Networks
Volume 4 

Emmanuel Josserand
University of Paris IX - Daupine

Edward Elgar Publishing Inc 


Description: This book examines the resurgence of good organization as a key competitive factor, as experienced by firms in the 1990s. The author argues that to be competitive during this period, it was no longer sufficient to have a well-structured strategic plan, and it was necessary to remove excessive hierarchy from the organization. Traditional as well as high-tech companies were forced to evolve, and, Emmanuel Josserand ascertains, the first lessons from these changes can now be drawn.

The experiences of four leading industries who adopted a management style in which descentralisation and crosscutting relationships were essential are explored in The Network Organization. Providing theoretical insight for researchers, and highlighting pitfalls for practitioners to avoid, these case studies illustrate the advantages and difficulties encountered in becoming a network organization in a world of customised products and services.

This work illustrates the fertile and healthy renewal of the link between research and the company. As of late, management has become aware of the vital necessity of drawing on research. For the author, this forward-looking and creative approach no longer pertains only to pure science, but also, and perhaps primarily, to the humanities and social sciences. Emmanuel Josserand has positioned himself at this very crossroads. Bernard de Montmorillon, President of the University of Paris-IX, Daupine, France


Last Update: December 21, 2003