Network Economics: A Variational Inequality Approach

(Advances in Computational Economics, V. 10)

Anna Nagurney 

Revised Second Edition

Kluwer Academic Publishers

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Review from The Economic Journal 1994

Description: The second and revised edition of Network Economics: A Variational Inequality Approach provides an updated treatment of network economics through the inclusion of new theoretical results, new applications, as well as problems for self-study purposes and/or for use in the classroom. This volume remains true to the first edition in that it provides a unified treatment of finite-dimensional variational inequalities, algorithms, and applications.

Chapter Contents
Part I Theory and Fundamentals
1 Variational Inequality Theory
2 Algorithms
Part II Partial Equilibrium - Perfect Competition
3 Spatial Price Equilibrium
4 Traffic Network Equilibrium
5 Migration Equilibrium
Part III Partial Equilibrium - Imperfect Competition
6 Oligopolistic Market Equilibrium
7 Environmental Networks
8 Knowledge Network Equilibrium
Part IV General Equilibrium
9 Walrasian Price Equilibrium
10 Financial Equilibrium
Part V Estimation
11 Constrained Matrix Problems
Appendix A  Problems

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