Financial Networks:
Statics and Dynamics

(Advances in Spatial Science)

Anna Nagurney and Stavros Siokos

Springer Verlag

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Description: Financial analysis is concerned with the study of capital flows over time and space. This book presents a new theory of multi-sector, multi-instrument financial systems based on the visualization of such systems as networks. The framework is both qualitative and computational and depends crucially on the methodologies of finite-dimensional variational inequality theory for the study of statics and equilibrium states and on projected dynamical systems for the study of dynamics and disequilibrium behavior. Moreover, it adds a graphical dimension to the fundamental economic structure of financial systems and their evolution through time.

Chapter Contents
1 Introduction and Overview
2 Foundations of Financial Economics
3 Variational Inequalities
4 Projected Dynamical Systems
5 Nonlinear Networks
6 Static Single Country Models
7 Static Single Country Hedging Models
8 Dynamic Single Country Models
9 Static Imperfect Market Models
10 Dynamic Imperfect Market Models
11 International Financial Models
12 International Models with Hedging
13 Imperfect Market Models
14 Flow of Funds Models
15 Empirical Analysis
A Linear Algebra and Analysis
B Probability
C Black and Scholes Model

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