Urban and Regional Transportation Modeling:
Essays in Honor of David Boyce

Der-Horng Lee, Editor

Edward Elgar Publishing Inc

Review from
Regions: The Newsletter of the Regional Science Association

Description: Professor David E. Boyce (University of Illinois at Chicago), who has devoted himself to transportation modeling and regional science for forty years, retired in 2003. Colleagues and former students have gathered together to compile this feschrift volume in honor of Professor Boyce. The spectrum of reviewed papers covers a range of topics including: combined models, route choice, dynamic networks, supernetworks, bilevel programming, traffic prediction, and a variety of regional science models and applications.

Authors: Chapters:
Åke E. Andersson and
David E. Andersson
Accessibility and site rents in the C-economy
Hillel Bar-Gera and
David E. Boyce
Combined travel forecasting models: formulations and algorithms
June Dong, Ding Zhang, and
Anna Nagurney
Supply chain supernetworks with random demands
Sven Erlander and
Jan T. Lundgren
Cost minimizing behavior in random discrete choice modeling
Tschangho John Kim Multi-modal routing and navigation cost functions for location-based services (LBS)
Hong K. Lo and 
W.Y. Szeto
Planning transport network improvements over time
Lars-Göran Mattsson and
Lina Sjölin
Transport and location effects of a ring road in a city with or without road pricing
Claudio Meneguzzer A modified iterative scheme for the equilibrium traffic signal setting problem
Pitu Mirchandani, Rohit Syal,
David Lucas, and Yang He
On-line traffic assignment and network loading
Paulo Resende,
Joaquim J.M. Guilhoto, and
Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
Free trade and transportation infrastructure in Brazil: towards an integrated approach
B.F. Si and
W.H.K. Lam
System performance in network with parking and/or route information systems
Hongyu Sun, Heng Xiao, and
Bin Ran
Real-time spatiotemporal data mining for short-term traffic forecasting
Andrzej P. Tarko and
Gopalakrishnan Rajaraman
Modeling travel times along signalized streets using expected cumulative counts
Torbjörn Larsson, Jan T. Lundgren,
Michael Patriksson, and
Clas Rydergren
Numerical experiments with a decision support methodology for strategic traffic management
Elliot A. Torres, Peter C. Nelson,
Nagui M. Rouphail, and Joseph Raj
Estimating link delays for arterial streets
Michael Wegener Iteration-free microassignment
Huw C.W.L. Williams Themes in the development and application of transport planning models
K.I. Wong, S.C. Wong, 
J.H. Wu, H. Yang, and
W. H. K.Lam
A combined distribution, hierarchical mode choice, and assignment network model with multiple user and mode classes
Hai Yang, Qiang Meng, and
Timothy D. Hay
Optimal integrated pricing in a bi-modal transportation network

Last Update: August 22, 2008